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Terence Sookbir – Oh Ganga Amma

Terence Sookbir Oh Ganga Amma


Terence Sookbir – Oh Ganga Amma

Victory to Ganga! Victory to Shiva!

Goddess Ganga, you are the divine river from heaven, you are the saviour of all the three worlds, you are pure and restless, you adorn Lord Shiva’s head. Mother, may my mind always rest at your lotus feet.Mother Bhagirathi, you give happiness to everyone. The significance of your holy waters is sung in the Vedas. I am ignorant and not capable of comprehending your importance. Devi, you are full of mercy, please protect me.Devi, your waters are as sacred as the “Charanamriti” of Sri Hari. Your waves are white like snow, moon and pearls. Please wash away all my sins and help me cross this ocean of samsara.Mother, those who partake of your pure waters definitely attain the highest state. Mother Ganga, even Yama, the Lord of death, cannot harm your devotees.Jahnavi, your waters flowing through the Himalayas make you even more beautiful. You are Bhishma’s mother, and sage Jahnu’s daughter. You are the saviour of people who have fallen from their path, and so you are revered in all three worlds.Mother, you fulfill all the desires of those devoted to you. Those who bow down to you do not have to grieve. Ganga, you are eager to merge with the ocean, just like a young woman anxious to meet her beloved.Mother, those who bathe in your waters do not have to take birth again. Jahnavi, you are held in the highest esteem. You destroy your devotees’ sins and save them from hell.Jahnavi, you are full of compassion. You purify your devotees with your holy waters. Your feet are adorned with the gems of Indra’s crown. Those who seek refuge in you are blessed with happiness. Bhagavati, take away my diseases, sorrows, difficulties, sins and wrong attitudes. You are the essence of the three worlds and you are like a necklace around the Earth. Devi, you alone are my refuge in this Samsara.Ganga, those who seek happiness worship you. You are the source of happiness for Alkapuri and the source of eternal bliss. Those who reside on your banks are as privileged as those living in Vaikunth.Devi, it is better to live in your waters as a turtle or fish, or to live on your banks as the poor, rather than to live away from you, even as a wealthy king.

Goddess of the Universe, you purify us.


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