Vee Ram (Vishnu Ramkaran)

Vee Ram
Vee Ram

Vee Ram whose name is Vishnu Ramkaran grew up in Navet Village of Rio Claro and started singing from the tender age of 4 years old where he even performed at a Divali program in Tableland. Vee Ram was the only young one in his family growing up and started listening music from the local East Indian radio stations at this very tender age. He sometimes made it into a game where he mimicked the radio announcers and songs being played from the radio by singing and announcing through brick walls of an empty echoing room.

His talent was picked up by his immediate family who then decided to push him into the singing. Vee Ram grew up singing Bhajans in Temples and in Primary School he was one of the vocalists that helped the Rio Claro Hindu School cop 1st place in the Baal Vikaas Competition. At a very young age he was also in the Children of Mastana Competition and he continued singing at St. Stephen’s College, the Secondary School he attended. Growing up was hard as he spent more time alone with music rather than going to party with friends because he did not have the money for a luxurious lifestyle and his family always taught him to work for whatever he wanted in life and from this he was able to cherish the value of his life and those around him.

Although having a passion for his culture and a talent for music, Vee Ram made sure he excelled at school in his academics and got through to do his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. This was a time he spent doing more music trying to develop his craft as he met some talented musicians and singers at University level just like himself. Whilst attending University he entered the Mastana Bahar program where he was made it all the way to the Grand Finals. This was a proud moment and a big achievement as this was the first time he entered a competition and made it to the final stages.

This happened approximately twelve years ago and because of this competition he was able to showcase his talent whereby Teddy Bissambhar of D Rampersad Indi Art saw Vee Ram and asked him to audition for their band. Vee Ram passed the Auditions, joined the band and started performing. He gained experience in professional performance as he was able to perform all over Trinidad. In that said year he also started classes in Hindustaani Classical training where he has a diploma in Hindustaani Classical Music. As time passed and Vee Ram started gaining experience in the artform and with the help of certain influential people he decided to do a couple of recordings. Approximately Eight years ago was the first time he talked to Rishi Mahato and did his first set of recordings. These were sponsored by Persad’s D Food King, the grocery store Vee Ram worked in part time, while he was attending University.
Those songs were in the charts of various radio stations and this was another proud accomplishment.

Vee said- “I remember the days of having songs on the radio, my very first couple of recordings and being given guidance by Rikki Jai and others on continuing the good work.  This was a really proud moment for me.” After time passed Vee Ram parted ways with D. Rampersad Indi Art and joined an English Music Group called Horizon. He also started doing vocal editing and production with one of his colleagues, opening up M.I. studios where they did work that was fit to be played on the radio stations. As time passed Vee Ram started doing solo performances and then decided to join another band. This was the workshop 868 band which was based in San Fernando where he continued singing, producing and performing. After approximately three years he parted ways with them and then decided to re-brand as Vee Ram and start his solo career.

This was done approximately two years ago and to this date he has no regrets of doing so. He been hired for many public events and private functions as well having multiple hits on the radio airwaves and having done collaborations with some of the best in the business such as Boodram Holass, Nisha B. and Ravi B. to name a few. The secret behind this young man’s quick success is the struggle behind it all and he has built strength through all the challenges in the past. Singing is a passion and he always try his best to give a quality production/ performance keeping in mind that there is always room for improvement.

His hard work has already been paying off as he has had a lot of bookings in Trinidad and is expected to be in Guyana and Canada for events in the future. He has also recently done a radio and television ad for Tang Juice and placed 3rd in the finals of the Mastana Bahar Competition in the past. Vee Ram hopes one day to be a household name and to establish himself not just as a singer of one genre but someone with versatility, style and charisma who does all types of music that people love. Vee Ram is someone to look forward too and hopes that at the end of his musical journey he would have touched the lives of millions and contributed to the culture of our sweet twin island Trinidad and Tobago.

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By Sangeeta D'Songstar

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