Veerendra Persad


BIOGRAPHY: VEERENDRA PERSAD- One of TnT’s Youngest Chutney Icon

Veerendra Persad is the person responsible for coining the term “Crossover Music” in Trinidad & Tobago.

He was one of the youngest musicians to ever win the popular Mastana Bahar competition in 1985 (the last to win a Toyota Cressida Motor Car).

Veerendra, also called “Cappy” has been the captain of the first East Indian Band that he took into Carnival in the mid 80’s, formerly Triveni Brass, then Jmc 3veni, and now KI & The Band.

Mr. Persad is also the proud father of 3 time Chutney Soca Monarch KI and is known to be one of the fastest left handed keyboardists in the Caribbean.

He has produced over 100 Albums and has backed up many Superstars throughout the world with his band; Rikki Jai, David Rudder, Drupatee, Machel Montano, Lord Kitchener, and many more.

Veerendra Persad continues to lead KI & The Band, performing Locally and Internationally year round.

Over the years, Cappy has played an integral part when it comes to Chutney Soca Music.

He remains one the the youngest icons in this industry with a wealth of experience and knowledge which he continues to share with the younger artistes.

Veerenda, together with his son KI, have stepped also into the media fraternity by launching their own radio station, Lime 101.7fm.