Venes in Trinidad by Mr Smood

Venes in Trinidad Mr Smood
Venes in Trinidad Mr Smood


am introducing myself as Mr. Vishad Paryag, a new and upcoming visually impaired artist in the Trinidad and Tobago music industry, going by the stage name as Mr. Smood. I have recently released my second audio track titled Venes in Trinidad which was written by Mr. Kenneth Seepersad and produced, mixed and mastered by Professor Bounty Targetz Studios. The genre of the track can be classified as Chutney/Soca. It is hoped that this track will be a success within the 2020 season.

In light of the above, I am kindly requesting that my new release be added to your Youtube Channel for potential Chutney/Soca listeners.
Any courtesies which can be afforded to me would be greatly appreciated.

The the attached mp3 file for your attention.

Thanking you in advance for your kind consideration.

With Kindest Regards
Vishad Paryag
Stage name: Mr. Smood


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