Vicky Mahato

Beloved Bassist Vicky Mahato passes Away


RIP Vicky Mahato,

Navita Mahato wrote:

It is so sad to say that my Uncle Vicky Mahato passed away this evening. He was such a great soul and a great musician and the youngest brother of the Mahato Family. May his soul rest in peace. Love you very much Uncle Vicky. You will be missed.

Donna Roopa-Ballack wrote:

Vicky Mahato- from the little time we knew each other, I must say it was such a wonderful journey knowing you & sharing the same stage with you at times. You gave me encouragement & you motivated me a lot when I sang. You’ve always had great ideas for Taurus band and you were a mean machine bass player man! It’s sad to know that you’re not here anymore. You were a man of class & never missed an opportunity to dress pretty sharp man 😎 you were professional at what you did. Coming into Taurus band, I didn’t know that you were a Mahato. I had no knowledge of you guys. When I heard who you were I took a step back & was in shock. Someone so big in the music industry,yet you were so so humble so kind hearted and simple. I’d never forget all the kind things you’ve done for my family and I and I’d never forget that you were my bass man for my reception ❤️❤️
Now you’re gonna meet with Mother and Masters 🙏😊❤️ now you can Rest In Peace free from all pain and suffering. Now it’s time for you to bond with your masters 🙏🙏🙏 my condolences to the Mahato family 💐💐💐 keep strong and keep the faith during this difficult time


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