Vidaai or Bidaai

The vidaai or bidaai signals the end of Hindu weddings. It is the farewell where the dulahin (“bride”) and dulaha (“groom”) go to live with her sasural (“in-laws”). They are showered with rice and flowers, often by weeping members of the bride’s family. This was a solemn ceremony as the woman was leaving her home for another, presumably distant, one. While the ritual still exists, it is done in a symbolic manner as couples can choose where and with whom to live. The dulahin is also no longer expected to leave her familial ties to forge new ones. In Indo-Caribbean weddings, “Jane Wali Dulahin” from the 1957 Bollywood film Naag Mani remains the most popular song for the vidaai or bidaai. Performed by sisters Usha Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, it is a call for the village to come and salute the new jodi (“couple”).
Translations by me. I do not own the rights to music. Full video on IGTV. Photo is of my aunty from 1980.
Jane wali dulhan, khushi khushi jana
The bride is leaving, go with happiness
Lekin itna sa naata, jake nibhana
But this relationship, go forth and maintain it
Hum dukhiyo ko, bhul jana na, bhul na jana
Do not forget our sadness, do not forget
Ro rahe babul, ro rahi mayi, ro rahi mayi
Father is crying, mother is crying (even more)
Is jag me beti hai, daulat parayi, daulat parayi
In this world a daughter, goes to another, goes to another
In bichdo ko, bisrana na, bhul na jana
Despite these separations, do not forget, do not forget
Jane kab milogi hamse, aao vida ho le, aao vida ho le
Who knows when you will meet us, come to see us, come to see us
Aao ek baar karna, gale mil ke ro le, gale mil ke ro le
Come one time, let us embrace and cry, let us embrace and cry
Jindagi ka koi hai thikana na, bhul na jana
We never know where life will take us, do not forget
Jao ri suhagan, tirth karne, tirth karne
Go forth married one, go on your pilgrimage
Pati sang jeene aur, pati sang marne, pati sang marne
Live and die with you husband
Dukh mein kabhi bhi ghabrana na, bhul na jana
Do not worry in times of sadness, do not forget
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