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Trinidadian Jameer Hosein passes away at age 78


Local Indian classical singing icon, Jameer Hosein, died at his home on Friday evening.Hosein, who suffered a brief ailment, collapsed in the living room at his Kelly Village, Cunupia, home.He was surrounded by his wife, Zalina Hosein, and loved ones.

Hosein, 78, spent most of his life doing what he loved most – singing.He was among the few people who worked to keep the tradition of Indian classical singing alive.

In an interview with the Express several years ago, Hosein said he developed a love for the artform as a child. He worked closely with Indian classical singer, Issac Yankaran, who became his mentor.

Hosein said he was self-taught and even played musical instruments, including the harmonium.

Back in 1972, Hosein placed first in the Mastana Bahar competition and went on to represent Trinidad and Tobago across the Caribbean and in North America.

Source: Indian classical singer Jameer Hosein has died

The funeral of the late Mr. Jameer Hosein will take place on Saturday 29th September, 2018.
He was the:
Husband of Zalina Hosein
Brother of Zobida, Fazel & the late Nazir & Sagir Hosein.
Father of Shazam, Nazra, Sharida, Shameer & the late Nadira Ali
Father in law of Indrani, Shoyo, Nick, Debrah & the late Carl Ali
Grandfather of Fary, Damian, Nadine, Anasthasia, Zameer, Shaun, Shehenaz, Ashmeer, Karishma, Aarti, Ameer & Sameer
Great Grandfather of 4.

Wake (tonight) and the funeral proceedings are to be held at the house of mourning,
#287 Main Rd., Kelly Village, Caroni, according to Islamic rites. Burial at the Calcutta Cemetery.

Jameer Hosein was born in Freeport.Growing up, he witnessed his father, the late Hosein Ali and his uncle singing in the village for weddings and other social functions.

As a result, he became very fond of singing and spent his early years under the watchful eyes of the late Isaac Yankaran in the Naya Sangeet Orchestra.

While there were many singers who inspired him to keep singing the classical songs, he has been self taught.

He spent many of his younger years researching and writing materials to sing.
In 1972 Jameer placed first on the popular Mastana Bahar programme.
After that, he began recording songs and travelling to many countries of the world.
He has performed in Holland, Guyana, St Vincent, New York, Miami and Canada.
In 1998 he won the National Classical Singing competition. Through the years he received numerous awards.

Jameer spent more than twenty years singing in bands under the best musical directors including Ustad Nazir Mohammed.

In the early sixties he was advised by the late Isaac Yankaran to try a few classical songs which he did with great success.

After the death of his mentor the late Isaac Yankaran, and in his memory, Jameer not only mastered the art of playing the harmonium but kept the flame of classical singing alive.

Jameer Hosein has been singing for more than fifty years. He was one of the top classical the country has even seen.

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