Rashmie Singh

Young Chutney Artists cannot take Constructive Criticism


Written by Rashmie Singh

How many artists young and upcoming can safely say they can take CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, stop listening to the “yes” men and women who surround you and being misled by “yes that’s ah big tune “… In some cases a song may be and instant hit other times it may grow on the listener… a song is made up of different elements and it may take one “off “ part to flush it down the drain either it be the production or the vocals or one thing that should not be the song apart from the lyrics. If you are spending the money make sure your producer don’t hit you a six for a nine and do a crappy production cause you may not know better and trust their sound and get a hurried end product.Producers stop fooling some and just pocketing their money if you know their vocals off , why would you put your stamp on that … on your Brand ? Be honest with yourselves and pls don’t depend on your circle to be full 💯 honest with you . As a young artist there are strong ,successful artists who are willing to assist where they can you just need to ask them as some are open to giving tips on helping you improve the art form while others may not be so willing to share their knowledge cause they may feel threatened. It takes nothing to seek insight from those who are knowledgeable and if you approach them and you feel snubbed or see they are unwilling, your search does not end there find the ones who can . Research is also important for yourself when it comes to marketing yourself and your song to many times I’ve interviewed artist and they can’t answer basic questions about their own song .Yes , this maybe and old topic and some may say it’s a “Nasty “ industry but it’s competitive and yes it’s sad some Big artists may sing crap and they get a lot of Forward but that’s the Nature of the beast and it won’t change anytime soon . I encourage you to don’t give up but take these things into consideration…study the art form , seek interaction with those in the know , take some vocal training,know your vocal range , try and write and think out the box most of seek to improve yourself everyday by being open to CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM… talk to the deejays not about payola but for knowledge find out what it takes for a song to get “big” talk to the producers don’t tie yourself to one studio explore different studios …take a survey outside your circle and putting up your 10 biggest fans to bombard us with requests will not help you …not every colab is ah good colab that can actually kill ah song .KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, be humble and open yourself and your mind to that it’s the only way to improve your self … Artist all the best and keep trying don’t give up .#plaintalkbadmanners #tomuchbigtunes_fallingflat #behumble #seekknowledge #learntosing #thisindustryisnotforeveryone







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