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10 Finalists of the CRC 2021 Competition

0 views is pleased to announce the 10 finalists of the CRC 2021 Competition ( Rani & Raja Competition):

 CRC 2021 Rani Finalists:

        • Joanna Kiran Phillips “Sirf Kiran” (UK)
        • Asha Rambaran Saywerth (South Africa)
        • Ashanie Lahel “Princess Ashanie “ (US)
        • Sandra Singh “Tanty Sandra” (TT)
        • Navita Mahato (TT)

CRC 2021 Raja Finalists:

        • Ricardo Melville “Daddy Chinee” (TT)
        • Joel “Connector” Davis (CA)
        • Edward Ramdass (TT)
        • Rickson McDonald (TT) – Wildcard via People’s Choice
        • Khayam Deo “Sugar Daddy” – Wildcard via Popular Vote

The CRC 2021 Finals will be premiered Live on YouTube & Facebook Channels (username “chutneymusic”) on Saturday 6th February 2021 at 7pm Eastern Time.

The winners will be determined solely by Judges Decision and announced at the end of our show. The expert panel of judges are:

          1. Dr Visham Bhimull of Caribbean Hindustani – Culture Advocate, Linguist, Lyricist and Senior Medical Doctor
          2. Dr Sharda Patasar – PHD in Cultural Studies, Performer, Columnist
          3. Sneha Khanwalkar – Accredited Bollywood Music Director and Chutney Music Advocate in

The hostess for the final is the Desi Girl Ivana Gobin and the event Co-Ordinator is Jason “DJ Floops” Sookram.

 Please accept this information and reflect in your esteemed periodical as soon as possible.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Yours truly,

 Jayson Sookram

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