Happy Birthday To Ki Jr From Chutneymusic.com

10 Years Of Chutney Soca Music From KI Persad

These are the records I’ve made over the first 10 Years as KI. Hope I’m not missing any. Rishi Mahato you got the lot!!! Bout 40 Songs brother. A lot of work involved in this. Weeks or Months sometimes on just one song. Restarting Projects a million times. A humbled blessings and Thank You to ALL that have been a part of our journey thus far. The People, Artists, Producers, Writers, Band Members, Deejays, Friends, Family, Sponsors, Promoters, “Liming Padnah Inspirers” lol
All of you. That’s a whole lot of a magic. One day when we’re gone, these will live on.
Drop a Line. Which ones are your favs so far?

1. Catch Meh Lovah
2. Catch Meh Lovah Remix feat. Patch
3. Tek He Gyal
4. No More Rum Again
5. Doh Leave Meh
6. Single Forever
7. Single Forever Remix feat. Machel Montano
8. Womanizer
9. Friends For The Night
10. Mr. Bartender
11. Runaway
12. Runaway Remix feat. Olatunji Yearwood
13. No Conduct
14. No Gyal Again
15. Highschool Again feat. Veekash Vee Sahadeo
16. With The Same Girl feat. Dollyboy Ganesh Boodoo
17. Nana
18. Same Gyal Twice (KI Dance)
19. Daddy Say
20. Maxi & a Motor Car
21. Tere Naina w. Nishard Mayrhoo
22. Lelo feat. Neval Chatelal | Nishard Mayrhoo
23. 4 Ah We | Master Saleem
24. KI Make Me Do It
25. The Banker
26. Dem Ah Watch Meh Remix | Mahendra Ramkellawan
27. Foreigner
28. Natasha
29. One Thing
30. One Thing (London Future Remix)
31. Chantel | KI & Veekash Vee Sahadeo
32. Ah Vene | KI & Veekash Vee Sahadeo
33. Tan Tanatan Pe feat. Sally Sagram
34. Bansuriya feat. Neelam Matadin
35. Kanchan Mashup | KI & Savita Singh
36. Saat Samundar | KI & Savita Singh
37. Gori Gori
38. Bilo Rani | Neval Chatelal & KI
39. Mundiya Tu Bachke Rahi | Stephon Jaikaran & KI
40. Tanana – KI & Ranjeev Ramdeen
41. No Disrespect
42. Jouvert Jumbi
43. High & Low
44. Peter Pan
45. Simple Things
46. Down To The Ground feat. Rich Persad
47. Wanderer feat. Rich Persad
48. Lolita feat. Neval Chatelal
49. Process w. Nishard Mayrhoo
50. Together We Reign | KI & Nailah Blackman
51. Take Me Away (Suzuki 800 Riddim) Dwain Antro
52. Love Army (Machel Montano, Kerwin Du Bois, Isaac Blackman, Patrice Roberts, Iwer George, FARMER NAPPY, #Benjai & More)
53. In My Land (Independence Song)
54. Jam On D Road
55. Wine By Mehself
56. Somebody Woman
57. Professor Feter
58. We Mad
59. Flags
60. Chip
61. One More feat. Skinny Fabulous & King Bubba
62. Hold Yuh | KI & Neval Chatelal
63. Too Much Ah Dat feat. Raymond Ramnarine
64. Run Dem Down
65. Carnival Good Morning Remix | Peter Ram & KI
66. Fire feat. Tizzy
67. Mad Gyal feat. Freezy
68. Ain’t Going Home feat. the iZ
69. The 3veni Song feat. KI, Neval Chatelal, Anil Bheem, Houston Villaroel
70. Tere Naina feat. Ranjeev Ramdeen

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