Top 10 Countdown – 11th October 2018

  1. So Bring The Johnnie Walker Time To Start Over By Ravi B
  2. (Start Over Reply) Sugar Daddy By Princess Priya
  3. Jagdambike Jai Jai By Kevin Sookram
  4. Dil Mere Chal Re Dheere Dheere By Anil Singh
  5. Le Lo Chudiya By Anil Singh
  6. The Remedy by Rikki Jai
  7. Divorce by GI Beharry
  8. Chhap Tilak Sab Chheeni by Amit Sooknanan & Amit D
  9. My Sweetheart By Chris Ramphal
  10. Dilbaro By Kasturi Maharaj

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