2020 Divali Special of SR-MUSIC and THE STREAMBRADAS

2020 Divali Special of SR-MUSIC and THE STREAMBRADAS


Enjoy the Divali Special of SR-MUSIC and THE STREAMBRADAS

In these times we live Divali this year is being celebrated in a different way. SR-MUSIC, THE STREAMBRADAS and all participating partners are wishing you all a SUBH DIVALI. May the universal power bring us all from darkness into the light.

In order for you to enjoy Divali with your loved ones in your homes we bring you this Divali Special. To enjoy the stream even better just cast your screen onto your SmartTV instead of watching it on your mobile device. Feel comfortable on your own sofa with your delicious Divali mithais in your hands and enjoy the music.

If you don’t have a facebook account you can also screencast the following youtube link to your TV : https://youtu.be/lKZnJ-NQIwI

With Steven Raghoenath, Sandesh Sewdien, Indroniel Roy, Sagar Kohabir, conducted by Soerin Ramkhelawan – SRMusic.

Watch the streaming on the facebook page of
Soerin Ramkhelawan – SR
Trishul Radio-Televisie (Suriname)
Chutney (Trinidad, America, Canada & SunriseFM (The Netherlands and Suriname)

Powered by:
Hans Liakathoesein,Musicgroup Time,
Kishan Bhajan Surya bediening & Service,
Ray Shai Koesal,Buurtsuper Oud-Mathenesse,
Viresh Bhoelai,Profbikes Rotterdam,
Kavish Rambali,Trishul,
Sudhir Binda,REAL LIFE Entertainment,
Jason Sookram,DJ Floops,
Mukesh Chedi,SunriseFM,
Sudhier Nannan,PicaPics,
Henk Mohabier,808gfx Studios,
Aniel Poeran,PoeranTech,
Sandip Ramlal,Shri Saraswatie School,
Kries Ramkhelawan,Amrish Store,
Ronald Ramnares,The Soundlover,
BaithakGana Community,
SR-Music Academy,
Steven Raghoenath,
Sandesh Music,
Mario Ganpat,
Vijerendra Lapdhamar,
Satish Khieroe,
Ram Moen,
Amresh Bikhari,
Shainil Binda,
Amrish Tedjoe,
Jerrel Kalloe,


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