Raat Ke Jhakka Djhor Me by Steven ft Sandesh

Chutneymusic.com Top 10 Countdown – 2nd April 2020


Chutneymusic.com Top 10 Countdown – 2nd April 2020

  1. Raat Ke Jhakka Djhor Me by Steven Raghoenath ft SR-Music & Sandesh Sewdien
  2. Pater Tore by Shivam Rajaram
  3. Maine Payal Hai Chhankai by Yangki
  4. Gunga Ghana by Ravi B & Dubraj Persad
  5. Corona by Rishi Khaderu
  6. Jaana by Rennie Ramnarine
  7. Bhool Bisari Mat Jaanaa by Priya Paray
  8. Sama hai Suhana Suhana by Veejai
  9. Hojaa Raam Naam Kaa by Priya Paray
  10. Dil Mere Na Sune by Babygirl Lisa & Rohied Chan

Note Well: YouTube & Facebook Views and Radio Plays are NOT considered in this countdown. Only Website Views.

ChutneyMusic.com’s Top Ten Countdown is a weekly countdown done every Thursday at 10am. The countdown consists of ChutneyChutney SocaBollywood Covers and Remixes entered into our website’s pool.

Only songs in the Chutneymusic.com pool will be considered for the countdown. To get your song into the pool is free and easy and is done either by Contacting Us , Email or via Dropbox.

Ranking is determined by the number of views, searches, comments and social shares a (song) post receives on Chutneymusic.com.

Intuitively, in order to rank higher, you must and get more sustained searches, comments and social shares on your Chutneymusic.com post as possible within that week period  🙂

How to get more searches?

The tried and tested formula apart from having a huge following is “Quality over Quantity!”.

Artists can use these guidelines:

  • Sing on key
  • Use least amount of pitch correction unless it is for vocal styling
  • Have well produced, mixed and mastered songs
  • Have clean, clear high definition images
  • Where text is used on images, let the colours bet contrasting.
  • Provide songs lyrics (Fans love this, as do we because it helps you rank higher in Google Search for example)

This guideline list is not exhaustive.

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