Alisha Kaymia Khan Biography

Alisha Kaymia Khan Biography


Early Years

Being born in Trinidad and Tobago , West Indies Alisha Kaymia Khan started
writing at the age of eight (8) . Participating and excelling at many writing
competitions , it has always been her secret passion . Having completed her
College education at Lakshmi Girls Hindu College , Trinidad , she then secured an
Associate Degree in Applied Science in Agriculture at The Eastern Caribbean
Institute for Agriculture and Forestry , West Indies .

Additionally as a Scholar awarded by The Indian Council for Cultural Relations
Alisha pursued her Bachelor of Arts in Hindi Literature , English Literature and
Travel and Tourism Management . She is the recipient of two full Scholarships by
the Government of India first to study her Advanced Diploma in Hindi at The
prestigious Kendriya Hindi Sansthan in Agra , India . The second was to pursue her
Bachelors at Lucknow University . She later went on to pursue her Masters in
Travel and Tourism Management at Lucknow University.

Her Developing years

It was during her stay in India that her writing career grew and thrived . Her
first Book ‘ Blood Drops on Paper ‘ was published in India in 2014. She was widely
featured in both print and Television media in India . Interviews and articles about
Alisha flourished in The Hindustan Times , The Pioneer and Times of India just to
name a few. One article calling her ‘The V.S. Naipaul of the Campus .’ Alisha was
also invited by Universities and Colleges to speak on her book and do book
signings across the Country . This was followed by her other book “Love you ,
Goodbye ” .

Blood Drops on Paper has received much acclaim on both Amazon US and
Amazon India. A copy of her Book is stored in The National Archives of India.
Apart from this Alisha’s work has been featured in international magazines,
journals , newspapers and anthologies. An outstanding one being her applauded
poetic composition “Silent Moments” featured in the Poetry Journal ‘Harvests of
The New Millenium’ by Cyberwit Publishers, Allahabad , India . She has received
many awards and accolades . She is an awardee of The High Commission of India
to Trinidad and Tobago as an Alumni of The Kendriya Hindi Sansthan , Agra,
India. Alisha has worked in translating , writing dialogues and lyrical compositions
for the South Indian Film Industry .

Currently Alisha is established and successful internationally as a Freelance
Writer , working on Hindi Textbooks , Biographies , Travel Writing and website
content . She is a Hindi Teacher at SWAHA Hindu College and is attached to the
High Commission of India to Trinidad and Tobago to propagate Hindi in Trinidad
and Tobago . Making use of her knowledge and certification in Hindi and her deep
understanding of Sanskrit and expertise in the History of Hindi , Alisha taught at
The Centre for Language Learning , The University of The West Indies , St.
Augustine , Trinidad. Alisha has spent over seven (7) years travelling throughout
India and is currently collaborating with an internationally established Travel
Writer to publish a book on her journeys .

In India she was actively involved in charitable work and volunteer teaching for
many NGO’s . She attests that writing for her has always been both a sense of
escape and identity simultaneously , it purges and exalts her inner reality. She has
been truly inspired by her uncle Anand Ramnanan an established Songwriter/
Composer and Record Producer in Canada. Currently Alisha is working on her
novel , Hindi books , free verse collections and a book on her travels in India .






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