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Amit Sagram Biography


Amit Sagram – As young boy he went to temple with his family and his devotion to God awoke the artist that is Amit Sagram. He was inspired by the peace within him when he sang and played music and wanted to share that with the world. Singing in temple gave him the strength and courage to get through one of the most difficult times of his life, loosing his Father, Bal Sagram, Legendary singer with the esteemed Beena Sangeet Orchestra, in a fatal car accident. His music helped him heal, and now carries on his fathers legacy as our “Stargram”. He was a grand finalist in Mastana Bahar, but when he donned his dreds, catchy lyrics and fancy dance moves, his confidence on stage captured the BMobile Synergy Chutney Star title over 10 years ago, and there’s no stopping him now.

As a young solo artist he has built a rock solid portfolio. He travels to Jamaica for their Diwali celebrations and is currently booking tours across North America. Stargram’s talent was recognized by top producers and artistes that have made sure to collaborate with him. Usually, the Chutney Soca Monarch competition could be intimidating for a first time contestant, but last year he owned the stage and placed 2nd in the Semi finals, and is a finalist again this year. After 15 years, he made his passion his profession, and continues to showcase traditional music as his main focus.

He is not afraid to display his love and appreciation for the Hindu Goddess or Divine Mother as he calls Her, and says everything is possible through Her. As The Divine Mother has many forms, so does he. He has a calm side, approachable with the utmost respect for his craft and the people in the industry, but on stage his performance comes from within. He is fierce, and plans to follow in his fathers footsteps making a statement with authentic Chutney music protecting his culture and traditions for generations to come.

Amit Sagram Biography

Born -Amit Sagram
Parents – Meena Ali and Bal Sagram
Stage name – Stargram 🌟💫
4 siblings he is the 3rd

Amit has been singing for the past 15 years . He won the Bmobile Synergy Chutney Star Competition and was a two time grand finalist of Mastana Bahaar .
Amit mesmerizing vocals took him straight to the grand finals of the 2019 Chutney Soca Monarch .
He took his musical genes from his father the late Bal Sagram who was a veteran in his own right .

He quotes ..
“I never got formal training , i was born for this .
i have a passion for music and i love performing for the people ”

Amit has been touring the caribbean Islands throughout the years Spreading our culture . He recently joined the ANDAZ G3 FAMILY .
Look out for this versatile young man at events alongside ANDAZ G3 .