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Arianna Thackurdeen – Lalana Khoose

Arianna Thackurdeen


15yrs old Arianna Thackurdeen from Orlando, Florida does a 2020 cover of Sam Boodram‘s Lalana Khoose accompanied on the dholak and machine by Kris Persaud.


Sohar is a genre of Bhojpuri folk song that is sung at the Chhathi (sixth day) and Barahi (twelfth day) after a child is born. The songs usually relates the mood of celebration when Lord Ram or Krishna was born as recorded in the Holy texts. In this Chutney sung by Sam Boodram, he takes a Sohar geet, that is usually slow, and makes it uptempo to fit the spicy beat of Chutney. This song recounts the celebration that took place at Lord Krishna’s birth:

घर घर बाजत बधाईया कन्हैया जन्म लीन्हे हो
Ghar ghar bājat badhāīyā Kanhayiā janm līnhe ho
(From house to house celebration rings out as Lord Krishna has taken birth)
ललना खुसी भए नर नारी जसोदा माता देखत हो
Lalanā khusī bhae nar nārī Jasodā mātā dekhat ho
(The child brings happiness to the men and women folk as Mother Yashoda looks on)

गीत के सुन्दर सब गावत ढोलवा बजावत हो
Gīt ke sundar sab gāwat ḍholwā bajāwat ho
(Beautiful songs everyone sings as the drums play)
ललना देखत गोड़वा नाचत प्रभु के गुन गावत हो
Lalanā dekhat goṛwā nāchat Prabhu gun gāwat
(On seeing the child feet dance happily and the praises of the Lord is sung)

इंद्रासभा से इंद्रा जी आए फूलन बरसावे हो
(Indrasabhā se Indra ji āye phūlan barasāwe ho
(Lord Indra even came from his heavenly assembly to rain flowers)
ललना नारद मुनि ब्रह्मा आए सिव जी हो
Lalanā Narad Muni Brahmā āye Siw jī ho
(The Sage Narad, Lord Brahma and Shiva also came)
Caribbean Hindustani


15 years Old Arianna Thackurdeen - Orlando, Florida

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