Ashanie Lahel

Ashanie Lahel


Ashanie Lahel has had a passion for music since the age of 3. She has been dancing with Natraj In Queens since she was four and then continued with Vashti Dance Academy in Orlando FL. She is now 14 years and has recently taken up playing music instruments such as the harmonium Dholak and tabla and has a very powerful voice. Please stay tuned in for some of Ashanie’s songs.

Ashanie is an A Honor Roll student and also in the Navy sea Cadets Program for the USA. She is a very active individual who is always busy especially with her music.

Dhillon is 5 years old and also has a passion for his culture! He as a star In mandir and always takes his religion seriously! His favorite of the Gods is Bhagwan Krishna as he portrays a little Krishna in this video!
Written by Asha Lahel

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