Brenda Stephanie John


I am Brenda Stephanie john
My stage name is Stephanie
I am form the middle of the sweet sugarcane in the heart of central Trinidad. I am into catering Indian dishes and delicacies. I have the most beautiful daughter a mother could ask for. I have six sisters I am the second of them all. I have five gorgeous nieces and twelve handsome nephews.
Singing and performing was always a game I played with my sisters and my friends. Anything that involved getting on stage and performing at school or church I had to be there. Growing up in a Cristian home the only exposure I had that taught me about the Hindus culture was my friends Indira Maraj her father is a pundit and Neisha Basdeo her father is chutney artist, winner of the first chutney monarch the deceased Boyie Basdeo.
It came a time in my life I was having a hard time and I sort refuge at one of the Mother’s Shakti temple. After ten years of devotion she manifested herself with me and literally I started writing poetry that turned into songs. Shakti Ma has enlightened me to understand her and this world in ways I wish others could understand too, then maybe we all could be at peace. Because that is what she did for me, she gave me peace at mind.
I think my song relates to all those who do their best and there is always someone who has nothing good to say, they want to brake your focus cause humans are naturally competitive. My song gives that support encouraging people to keep focus on doing what is best for themselves no matter who likes it not. And that’s why I should be the next 106.1 FM Chutney Cup Winner.






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