Bring Down D’ Water by Devanand Gattoo


Bring Down D’ Water by Devanand Gattoo Hindi Lyrics and English Translation.


  1. (Ref) Come girl, come girl; send down some water.
    Send it with my son girl, or send it with my daughter.

  2. You and the children are upstairs, making lots of joke.
    I am eating dry-food downstairs, and I nearly choke. (Ref)

  3. You always give me dry-food, it’s only that I can get.
    But I prefer it with sūrva (gravy), when it’s real spicy & wet.(Ref)

  4. I really like to eat food, from the hot chūlha (hearth).
    It always smokes it up, and gives it a better flavour. (Ref)

  5. You have a very bad habit, I’m real mad (angry) with you.
    I will leave this house now girl, & stop eating from you.(Ref)



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