Bring Down D’ Water by Devanand Gattoo

Balama Ray By Devanand Gattoo (2019 Chutney)


Bring Down D’ Water by Devanand Gattoo Hindi Lyrics and English Translation.


  1. (Ref) Come girl, come girl; send down some water.
    Send it with my son girl, or send it with my daughter.

  2. You and the children are upstairs, making lots of joke.
    I am eating dry-food downstairs, and I nearly choke. (Ref)

  3. You always give me dry-food, it’s only that I can get.
    But I prefer it with sūrva (gravy), when it’s real spicy & wet.(Ref)

  4. I really like to eat food, from the hot chūlha (hearth).
    It always smokes it up, and gives it a better flavour. (Ref)

  5. You have a very bad habit, I’m real mad (angry) with you.
    I will leave this house now girl, & stop eating from you.(Ref)


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