Guyana Chutney Monarch 2020

Bunty Singh wins the 2020 Guyana Chutney Monarch


Cahit Singh Mohanlall better known as Bunty Singh has won the Xtra Beer Chutney Song Finals (2020 Guyana Chutney Monarch). His song entitled “She want me be she Raja!” emerged victorious from a field of 10 finalists. The song promulgated the sanctity of Marriage where women or in this case a woman threw herself at Bunty but he refused swiftly reminding her that he is a happily married man and loyal to his wife. The song is heralded as it contrasts the current theme of mainstream chutney which praises promiscuity. This is the third time Bunty won the crown having won in 2016,2018 and 2020. He took home 1.5 million Guyana dollars.

2019 Guyana Chutney Monarch, Steven Ramphal was not able to make good his title defense but was able to place 2nd with his unity song entitled Jo Sangeet Main Gaata. He suffered an early set back when doctors declared him medically unfit to sing but like a true champion he soldiered onward. He took home 0.75 million Guyana dollars.

Placing third was newcomer Tony Cuttz (a well known barber) with his rendition of Neighbour Roti. Vicadi Singh placed 4th with his song Mousie and she Tassa.

Social media was buzzing that Leguan hopeful, AW Lyrical was unable to place.

Scenes of Bunty Singh accepting the crown:

See full live video of the performances here:






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