Limerz by Raymond Ramnarine & DilENadan

Raymond Ramnarine Limerz


Chutney Soca 2020: Limerz by Raymond Ramnarine & DilENadan

“Lime” is a word used in Trinidad and Tobago and throughout the Caribbean as a synonym for “a gathering” or “to hang out.” As a Trinbagonian, one can attest that this word is built into our vocabulary. Indeed, instead of “No Loitering” signs, we have signs that say, “No liming.”

Listen to the storytelling of Raymond and Dilenadan on how we “Lime” in Trinbago. This Carnival we relate through music and song about the revelry and fun during this most festive time.

To deliver this catchy anthem for the Chutney Soca Season, Raymond has teamed up with Super producer “Big Rich” and phenomenal Songwriter Kelvin Kissoon after nine years.

Artist: Raymond Ramnarine and Dil E Nadan
Produced by Big Rich
Mastered by: Big Rich
Music Production: Raymond Ramnarine
Additional Keyboards: Prince
Background Vocals: Tanya Rawlinson
Composers/Writers: Kelvin Kissoon, V. Ramnarine and Z.Khan
Copyright Control (COTT)
Artwork created by: The Royalty Club
Lyric Video by Anthony Ramdeo


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