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CRC 2021 Raja Finalists – Daddy Chinee Tops the CRC 2021 Raja Semis


Daddy Chinee, Rickson McDonald, Joel “Connector” Davis and Edward Ramdass have qualified for the CRC 2021 Raja Finals which will be held on the 6th February 2021.  One Wildcard is yet to be determined via the Popular Vote Route which is the most views on their YouTube video and eligible period closes Sunday 31st January 2021, 12pm Eastern Time. You can see the eligible entries for the Wildcard spot here.

Please see the Judges Summary Scorecard below:

Name TOTAL Status
Daddy Chinee – Mera Naam (TT) 152 Qualified
Rickson McDonald – Aka Lie (TT) 151 Qualified via People’s Choice
Connector – Marry D Dulahin (Canada) 133 Qualified
Edward Ramdass – Rani Love Letter (TT) 132 Qualified
Kei Palo – Can’t Take the Horn (Canada) 131
Paul Parsan – Aaj Kal Ke Lonedan (Netherlands) 128
Trevor G – Aura Adika Pyaar (More Love) (TT) 122
Vinesh Rambaran – Patna Saheriya (South Africa) 117
Khayam Deo (Sugar Daddy) – Caura (TT) 105
John Sankar (Mr Jay) – Chantel (Canada) 96

Eligible for Wild Card Entry into the Final via Popular Vote

Popular Vote Route which closes Sunday 31st January 2021, 12pm Eastern Time.

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