Rickson McDonald

CRC 2021 Raja Semi Finalists Announced – Rickson McDonald takes Top Place


Rickson McDonald wins the Chutneymusic.com Raja Competition 2021 Preliminary Rounds. The judges commented that they were impressed with his command of the Hindustani Language. Mr McDonald also won the CRC 2021 Raja Preliminary Round People’s Choice Award which granted him full 20 points in the Public voting category, this helped him to gain a comfortable lead in the preliminary standings.

All 12 Chutneymusic.com Raja Competition 2021 Contestants will move onto the Semi-Finals which will be held virtually on the 23 January 2021 at 5pm Eastern Time (which is 6pm in the Caribbean) on Chutneymusic.com’s YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to here.

Semi-Finalist whom choose to contest are required to pre record an HD video of themselves performing their full song live and submit to Chutneymusic.com on or before the 20th January 2021. You can dropbox it here or email chutneymusicdotcom@gmail.com

Public voting will be done via Facebook and the Popular Vote will be judged on YouTube only.

For full standings see bellow

CRC 2021 Raja Preliminary Contestants

  1. Rickson McDonald – Aka Lie (TT)                             188
  2. Edward Ramdass – Rani Love Letter (TT)                180
  3. Trevor G – Aura Adika Pyaar (More Love) (TT)        172
  4. Connector – Marry D Dulahin (Canada)                   170
  5. Daddy Chinee – Mera Naam (TT)                             162
  6. Vikesh Moonilal – Sita (South Africa)                        157
  7. Kei Palo – Can’t Take the Horn (Canada)                 154
  8. Sunil Behari – Nadhiya ke Naare (South Africa)      153
  9. Khayam Deo (Sugar Daddy) – Caura (TT)               150
  10. Vinesh Rambaran – Patna Saheriya (South Africa) 150
  11. Paul Parsan – Aaj Kal Ke Lonedan (Netherlands)    149
  12. John Sankar – Shantel Gyul (Canada)                      142
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