Daddy Chinee Salena Csm 2019

Daddy Chinee Covid 19 Message


Morning blessings to you…Please Read ..As we all know that covet19 is a pandemic happening around the entire world and we hope it’ll go soon. How ever, I got a message circling around the disability comunity saying: “Thank god to this pandemic people around the world now know what it feels like to be disabled.” I have to agree with this to a point because when you now go out there and sneeze or caugh, people looks at you with scorn. People don’t want to be around you because they don’t want to get it so it’s a bit worse. That’s how people in the disability community feels because when trying to get jobs or sometime go shopping we are looked at with scorn. I am talking about all disabilities here. I hope when this is over we are treated with more respect and are given the oppertunities just like persons with no disabilities. Am i sorry for writing this post? no I am not. because this is the truth. So now you feel like us. You are also home. can’t work because people are afraid of getting it. and this alone cripples you cuz you can’t take care of family so most feels trapped and disabled because of the pandemic so this is one good thing that came out of this. I hope you guys take into consideration that we are people too. Not just blind people, but persons who are deaf, who are on a wheelchair, who can’t speak, who have no arms or legs and other types of disabilities. We are all human. So let’s all try to make things better for everyone. Let’s make each other feel like home and welcome wherever we go. Just like you want to feel welcome and be excepted so does persons with disabilities. I pray that everyone is safe and continue to stay safe. So we can make this a better place for everyone. Have a wonderful day.——-…Realtalk and I daddy Chinee give full support on what you said …we take to much for granted and my eyes Is full please forgive me if for some reason if I ever offended you… I no you not talking about me but I feel yuh bro blessings this have my hart crying blessings to you and yours 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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