Donkey Eater By Fugitech (2019 Chutney Soca)

Donkey Eater By FugiTECH (2019 Chutney Soca)



Donkey Eaters Is A 2019 Chutney Soca Song Written And Sung By Steffan “FugiTECH” Teelucksingh, This Track Was Arranged And Recorded At Enfx Studio, Music Mixed And Mastered By DJ Flexxx And Mack (Bluefox Productions) Album Art Kevin Khan.


This couple have two pet donkey , minding from since 95,
But The Husband say mantainence high he have to take one life.
He never eat donkey , so bring the curry and the rice
Invite he friends to cook it, dont say nothing to he wife.

She come home the evening looking for she pet donkey,
When she ask me where it gone man i say i did not see ,
Ah start to feel guilty ah couldnt take it anymore.
I just had to tell this woman just exactly what i saw,

Colin eating she ass
Kevin eating she ass .
Devin eating she ass
Man these fellas have no class

Adesh eating she ass
Rakesh eating she ass
Satesh eating she ass
Well the secret never last,
They eating ass, they eating ass
Ah dont know if to laugh,
these fellas cook she donkey now they eating up she ass.


So These fellas digging horrors
When they hear that i tell she,
Say ah only bussing files,
Just to get in she panty
They start to cuss meh up
Until i start feel so shame,
That I get so fucking vex
That I start to call more name.
Ryan eating she ass
Zion eating she ass
Brian eating she ass
Thy the man i see eat last

I see Reagan eating she ass
Damian eating she ass
Fabian eating she ass,
They eating ass like it is grass

They eating ass like cane, these fellas have no shame, them is professionals in the eating ass game.

So Them carry meh to court,
For tarnishing their name,
They doh take embarrasment
Their character i defame,
Judge laugh at the story
Man he couldnt help heself
He Tell me Fugitech…..
Call more name lets hear who else,

I saw Kerry eating she ass,
Jerry eating she ass,
Shawnie eating she ass
Bai what the modda rass

Keshawn eating she ass
Ray Shawn eating she ass
Jason eating she ass ,
Ask meh if i want ah pass
They eating ass with buss up shot
Man they have real strong stomach ,
they say doh be bashful
Look it have more in the pot.

He Wife know was she husband,
And wah to take revenge on he,
So she organise a plan to make a cook with he donkey,
So She call up she girl friends,
To come and make a feast,
Want me to tell Jack ,
All the girls Who ate his beast,

Lisa eating Jack ass
Tia eating Jack ass
Priya eating Jack ass
Man they gobble it real fast,

Ah see Lacey eating Jack ass,
Stacy eating Jack ass
Cindy eating Jack ass
Man These ladies had ah blast
They eat jack ass they eat jack ass
They have no behavior,
They say it eating so nice
they will eat jack ass later



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