Dolly Boy

Ganesh Dollyboy Boodoo


Dollyboy aka D Limer

His real name is Ganesh Boodoo. Born on july 30 1989. In Toronto. He then moved with his family back to Trinidad when he was 3 years old.
Then moved back to Toronto Canada when he was 11 years old.

From Toronto, in the beginning of 2010. He started singing with a local crossover band called “Exodus”. With members like Shiva Nandlal (keyboardist/leader), Stinky aka Saleem Beharry (singer/leader), Dillon Maharaj (drummer), and Gervais D’Souza (guitarist).

He then became more familiar with his roots seeing that he has family who were already established as Chutney-Soca artists. Ramraji Prabhu (aunt), mother of Hitman Neeshan Prabhu. Also first cousins with Rasika, Hema, and Jairam Dindial.

Being so proud of his family members,he began writing his own music which he then recorded with Shiva Nandlal at Exodus studios in 2011. That was where his first track was born “Limer Forever”aka Limer.

Getting some recognition from Trinidadian, Guyanese, American, and Canadian west Indian people. Throughout the year he then released “Meh Neyba”. A love story gone wrong. After that big track again in 2012 he then released a track called “Same Girl” alongside Ki Persad. Stirring up some trouble with that big track again out of Exodus studios. He then released a next track called “Brown Black and White” out of Exodus studios.

In the process of all this he has written numerous songs for artists like Ranjeev Ramdeen, Nisha B, Reshma Ramlal, Sally Sagram, and many more to come. Releasing

In 2013 he then went on to work with Bigrich pungalunks factory. Where he released a song entitled “Need Somebody” this track displayed true lyrics. And was uplifting towards women.
He also collaborated with Ravi B and Rikki Jai to bring the world “Limer Drinka Barman” which is a track to be remembered working with 2 chutney soca monarch Champs. Proud moment for Mr. Dollyboy aka Limerboy.

Working with Bigrich he managed to release a few more songs. In 2014 such as “gyul doh worry” another love song type. Meaningful lyrics once again. “How to live” all produce by Bigrich.

Currently living in Toronto Canada. He is looking to work on releasing very soon new tracks for everyone to enjoy.
One thing about Dollyboy he is someone his fans can interact with on most social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, snapchat, and istagram.
Staying humble and never forgetting where he started his word to all his fans is be patient Cuz there is lots more to come.

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