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Gaye ja Geet

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Song – Gaye ja Geet
Movie: Mela (1948), Music Director: Naushad
Singer: Mukesh, Lyricist: Shakeel Badayuni.
Also sung by Shrimatiji Dropati from Suriname.

0. (Refrain) Gāye jā gīt milan ke, tū apane lagan ke;
sajan ghar jānā hai. (both, 2) (ĀĪŪṛāīū)
Sing songs of meeting your beloved & your devotion to her.
(I must) head to my beloved’s home.

1. Kāhe chhalake naino’ kī gagarī, kāhe barse jal.
Tujh bin sunī sājan kī nagarī, paradesiyā ghar chal.
Pyāse hai` dīp nayan ke, tere darshan ke;
Sajan ghar jānā hai. (Refrain)

Why are your eyes spilling its excitement, why raining water ?
Without you, your beloved’s home is lifeless, oh wanderer go home.
The stars (lights) there, thirst for a vision of you.
(I must) go to my beloved’s home.

2. Lut na jāye jīvan kā dherā mujhako hai ye gham.
Ham akele yeh jag luterā, bichhaṛe na milake ham.
Bigaṛe nasīb na banke, yeh din jīvan ke;
Sajan ghar jānā hai. (Refrain)

Life might just pass me by – that’s what I I fear.
I am alone against this cruel world – we may get separated.
May our good destiny (fortune) in life not take a turn for the worse.
(I must be) bound for my beloved’s home.

3. Dole nayana prītam ke dvāre, milane kī ye dhun.
Bālam tera tujhako pukāre, yād ānevāle sun.
Sāthī milenge bachapan ke, khilenge phūl man ke;
Sajan ghar jānā hai. (Refrain)

My eyes are searching for you & my lips are humming tunes of love.
Listen, your beloved has remembered you and is calling out to you.
Childhood companions will finally meet & make the flowers of the
heart bloom. (I must) head for my beloved’s home.