GI wins the 2020 Chutney Soca Monarch

GI wins Chutney Soca Monarch 2020

GI is your Chutney Soca Monarch for 2020. He won the competition with his market vendor portrayal of Anna Anna. He narrowly beat 2nd place winner Veekash Sahadeo by just 3 points. Veekash did a fairytale like fantasy portrayal for his song entitled “Lonely”. Nishard M placed 3rd with his rendition of Celebration. He was not able to make good his attempt of completing a hat trick of monarchs this year.

Please see the official results below:

  1. GI – Anna Anna – 403 points
  2. Veekash Sahadeo – Lonely – 400 points
  3. Nishard M – Celebration – 399 points
  4. KI – One Thing – 377 points
  5. Dubraj Persad – Gunga Ghana – 375 points
  6. Veejai Ramkissoon – Barah Song – 372 points
  7. Anthony Batson – Sally – 357 points
  8. Riz & Theatrics – Cunumunu – 350 points
  9. Amit Sagram – Chaatiya – 347 points
  10. Adesh Samaroo – I Aint Dotish – 339 points

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