Go Na Granga by Mahendra Ramkellawan (2019 Chutney Soca)


Go Na Granga by Mahendra Ramkellawan (2019 Chutney Music)


One rubber stamp and rum sucker.
Them will do anything to hold on power.
Guyanese don’t want these two blood sucker.
Granger and he boys hold on to power.
CCJ tell them what is the hour.
CHORUS – Go na Granger ×3 yuh have to leave an go.
Nobody in Guyana don’t want you no more. ×2
Everybody when them come, chase then out, let them go ×3

Granger dem don’t have no shame.
They coming round with big lies to fool you again ×2.
When they come to fool you just chase them out and let them go ×2.
We don’t want them never, no more or next chance again. CHORUS.
The whole world is watching, everybody laughing, all the court case they trying don’t really mean nothing. ×2.
How them so barefaced them an all laughing.
They trying and they trying and they never win nothing.



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