Dr. Visham Bhimull

Godna (Tattoo)


This Chutney bears reference to the Godna (tattoo) tradition which was popular among Indian woman in the past. It gives a fresh reinterpretation to the tradition among young Indian girls these days with a romantic and sensual vibe.
Check dem shake dey waist in the video!!!
साँवरिया, तू कहाँ चले जायो रे
(Darling, where are you going?)
तो गोदनवा गोदाव
(To get a tattoo?)
बहिया में गोदाव, कहाँ भी गोदवायो रे
(On your arm put a tattoo, where else?)
नाकों पे तो तेरे नथुनिया रे, तो नथुनिया दिखाव
(On your nose a nose-ring, show it)

छतिया पे गोदाव, तू गोदनवा रे
(On your chest put a tattoo)
हमके बिच्छू देखाव
(Let it be a scorpion)
कमरिया पे तेरे तितिलिया रे
(On your waist put a butterfly)
त कमरिया हिलाव
(Shake it on your waist)

नाभि पे त तेरे चंदनिया रे
(On your navel a navel ring)
तू जवनिया दिखाव रे
(Flaunt your youth)
गोड़वा में त पायलिया रे
(On your feet the anklet)
त पायलिया तकाव
(Shake that anklet)

धीरे धीरे चल पर जाए धमक
(Slowly shake)
तेरे पतली कमरिया
(Your waist)
अब त हारो रह जाए रे
(Now I’m conquered! How do I stay)
बिन तेरे साँवरिया
(Without you darling)






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