Govinda Ramlogan Tobago Channa A Tale Of Triumph Over Trials

Govinda Ramlogan “Tobago Channa” : A TALE OF TRIUMPH OVER TRIALS



On May 30th 1845, the Fatel Razack arrived in Trinidad, bringing with it the first Indian indentured labourers. This marked the start of a wave of immigration from India to these shores. Their journey was dangerous and difficult. Through it all, the determined spirit of these indentured labourers persevered. Govinda “Channa” Ramlogan has certainly inherited this determined spirit. Govinda graduated from S.H.S.S. In 2013. He credits S.H.S.S. for grooming him into the well rounded individual that he is today. It was at Signal Hill that he discovered his talent as a Cricketer 🏏. His date with his destiny as a Star cricketer came when he represented Tobago in the under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 19 teams. While attending S.H.S.S., Govinda received numerous awards for cricket,drama and music. It was also at Signal Hill that he got the name”Channa” because he loved eating channa….lots of channa😃.

Govinda earned a Cricket scholarship, and pursued a Programme in Forestry at U.T.T. E.C.I.A.F. (Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry). He also received an additional scholarship to pursue a degree in Food Science and Technology at U.T.T. As a Dietician, he aspires to find new, innovative ideas, so that he can assist persons to make healthier meal choices🥘. Govinda’s main inspiration is his mother Ramdai Holass Ramlogan. She sacrificed everything for him and his two brothers. Sadly, Govinda’s father passed when he was only 2. In the true spirit of persistence that characterized her foreparents, his mother moved mountains to ensure that he and his brothers followed the right paths. She went into agriculture to support her three boys. Govinda says he used to play the drum, and sing for his mother and brothers, while they were planting. At that point in his life, he began composing and writing songs 🎶 .

He firmly believes that achieving goals are never easy. However, with hard work and the right support system, one can accomplish anything. Govinda said “I went through setbacks in life, but whenever I felt like nothing was working out, I pushed to become the person that I am today. Hard work shall always prevail.” Govinda comes from a long line of musical stalwarts. In fact, his uncle is Chutney Legend Boodram Holass, and his aunt is singer Rukminee Holass Beepath. Govinda has been blessed with the ability to play multiple musical instruments on a professional level including the Dholak, Dhantaal, African Drums and Tassa. As the youth representative for the Tobago Hindu Society, he plays for all its events, as well as for UTT functions, weddings, Chutney Shows and religious occasions such as Ramayans.
In his free time, he thoroughly enjoys singing, dancing, playing both Indian and African drums, Drama,Theatre, and creating his own comedies. Performing has always been close to his heart ♥️ . He loves entertaining people. This love has propelled him into the Chutney Soca industry. Can you guess his stage name? Tobago Channa of course! Govinda, we wish you success in all of your endeavours. Happy Arrival Day, to the East Indian Community 💚💛💚💛. #IamaSignalHillSuccessStory #Staysafe

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