Indian Cultural Misconceptions Debunked By Shiv Rambarran

Indian Cultural Misconceptions Debunked


Indian Cultural Misconceptions Debunked

1. There is actually no individual thing as “Indian Culture”. Indian culture (and Hinduism) varies greatly from North to South, East to West. And even more the further you zoom in. There are however some common denominators.

2. Hindus believe in Avatars, that Bhagwan (God) manifests in different forms on Earth. Ie. Hinduism allows room for the belief in Christ..Mohammed..Buddha..etc.

3. You can be Hindu without ever setting foot in a temple. It’s not about rituals or dogma, it’s about a value system. And no one owns that system.

4.The Indian Diaspora (be it, the Caribbean, US, Australia, etc) is commonly more in depth, more culturally exposed, than our modern counterparts in India.

Bonus #7. Curry is actually a British word meaning sauce.

Bonus #8. Ganja, culturally associated with Jamaica, was brought here during indentured servitude by Indians. It was so named as it grew on the banks of the river Ganga/Ganges.

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