Jairam Dindial To Launch A New Political Party

Jairam Dindial to Launch a New Political Party


Jairam Dindial to Launch a New Political Party; Here is what he had to say:

My fellow citizens of Trinidad & Tobago it is with great enthusiasm that I have taken to launch a political party, in the upcoming general election 2020, to contest the County of Caroni 2 seats. My reason for doing this is ever since hatchet was hammer, the county of caroni is named a safe seat for a political party. And if you put a crapaud in that seat they will win, where no other party was given the opportunity to enter the arena. Until today the people of the county Caroni remain neglected. As we all witness members of parliament go and come, where they are only seen with their entourage during election time, coming to your door begging for your votes. After that these individuals become very estranged and history. This catastrophic style of governance must come to an end. My fellow citizens I urge you to try something new by supporting my party. A name for the party will be announced next week. I will inform you through social media, radio, television & the press. Thank you and god bless. Phone: 344-7988

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