Jamaica Pardesi Chale by Yalu Dukharan

This song about the Indian indentured laborers was originally done by Beverly Pancham of Jamaica who originally resides in Jamaica. The lyrics were composed by Ramlal. We would like to thank her for providing us with the lyrics and Ramesh Prashadsingh for providing us with the translation. Both ChutneyMusic.com and Caribbean Hindustani endeavored on a collaboration with up and coming Chutney star of Jamaica, Yalu Dukharan, to make a cover version of this number. Here she is in the video. The lyrics and translation are provided below. Congratulations Yalu!!! Looking forward for more from you!!!

राम लाल ज़माने वाले
Rām lāl zamāne wāle
(Ram’s children of the earth)
माता-पिता के कथा सुनाए
Mātā-pitā ke kathā sunāe
(The story of your parents is being related)
अब बैकुण्ट चले
Ab baikunț chale
(That they went to heaven)

ताज मुलुक के तुम परिवार
Taj muluk ke tum pariwār
(Your family left the mother land)
जमैका परदेस चले
Jamaica pardes chale
(Going to the foreign land of Jamaica)

राए -बरेली कोई चर्चा सुनाए पैसा फरत
Rāe-Barailī koi charchā sunāe
(In the villages they heard roumers)
पैसा फरत पेड़ के डार
Paisā pharat peṛ ke ḍār
(Money grows on trees there)
जमैका परदेस चले
Jamaica pardes chale
(Going to the foreign land of Jamaica)

🇯🇲Aspiring Jamaican Chutney Singer, Yalu Dukharan @jamyalu does a cover of #jamaica Pardesi Chale made popular by Beverly Pancham-Rampersad.
The song details the troubles that the Indian Indentured labourers faced both on their journey from India to Jamaica and the period they remained on the sugar cane plantations.

Indentureship was seen by the Indians immigrants as oppressive as the wages were meagre and the work was laborious.
However their descendants such a Yalu have strived. All respect to the Jahajis♥️ Please like, share and comment! Let’s make this go viral! ✨✳️✴️⭐🌟🌠 #jamaican #Jamaicans #jamaicansbelike #jamaicanfood #JamaicanGirl #jamaicaqueens #JamaicanMusic #jamaicanblackcastoroil #jamaicanbeauty #jamaicanmakeupartist #JamaicanStyle #jamaicanphotographer #jamaicaplain #jamaicangirls #jamaicanmodel #jamaicanfashion #jamaicanblogger #jamaicancuisine #jamaicacarnival #jamaicanjerk #jamaicanboutique #jamaicanmua #JamaicaBay #jamaicagleaner #jamaicanlifestyle #jamaicaobserver #jamaicanprincess #jamaicanman #jamaicandesigner


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