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De Doggy by Tony Junjeezy & Hunter



De Doggy Was Sung By Junjezzy & Hunter In (2012). This Track Was Produced By Big Rich In Pungalunks Factory.

Written by Tony JunJeezy ft. Hunter. Produced by Big Rich in The Pungalunks Factory.
Music by Joey Ramoutar, Falo and harmony by Ravi B. Official music video by Andre Mustapha of Sure Shot Imagery.


So if you nah go please she,
and yuh nah bother tease she,
You want to take it easy,
stay home and watch some tv!

She love how the Doggy,Ruff Ruff!
love how the Doggy Ruff
She love how the Doggy,Ruff Ruff!
love how the Doggy Ruff

She know I got a rover!
She said to bring him over,
Cuz that is she kitty lover,
The doggy rough all over!
Now time to lick the fur,
He go make that kitty purr!


JunJeezy Ft. Hunter - De Doggie Official Music Video


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