Kenneth Salick Hello Baby

Kenneth Salick – Hello Baby



Kenneth Salick – Hello Baby (2020 Chutney Soca)

produced by Professor Bounty Targetz


INTRODUCTION – oh God gull you could quarrel for everything eh..leave meh Naa….

CHORUS – Gull when ah home you nagging me..ah gorn by the bar you calling me .ah going to work gull you texting tell me what you want from when ah liming and ah beating meh liquor gull I don’t want to answer no cellular…saying hello hello hello baby whe.yuh….

VERSE. 1. ONE day for the week I dose go down by the bar..I dose check some of my padna and we dose beat some liquor..but gull you dose get on like if I leave and go like I left you with the children and now you is ah widdow…

VERSE 2..when I liming home gull you dose get angry. you dose say I making too much noise and the place to untidy. You get vex so and swell up your face. and in the night between you and me on the bed it have a space..

VERSE 3. if I go by the river you dose go by your father gull you like a Indian movie you have to much drama. My love for you like magnet it does drow from eneysid and don’t matter where I go my love you will always be my bride


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