Ki And The Band Ko'd Florida Promoter For Breach Of Contract

KI and the Band Ko’d Florida Promoter for breach of Contract


Ki Persad is a well known Nice Guy of Chutney Soca Music but when the credibility of his band was compromised by a Florida Promoter; Ki showed his business acumen! See below for his side of what transpired:

“As you all know, CurryFest and KI & The Band have parted ways as of yesterday due to a lack of follow through by The Promoters of CurryFest 2019, which is scheduled to take place this month. The facts speak for itself, as you can see below there is a signed contract for myself and my band, exchange of emails, dates, his returned signatory page & recent confirmation that tickets were in the process of being purchased. There is also proof that they have been advertising us up to 2 days ago. Our name was used and featured as a part of their cast to gather interest and make money only to turn around and cancel via a text on WhatsApp. Additionally, we cut our price TWICE to help them with their budget, negotiated to fly the band to Canada (which is far less than back to Trinidad) and I offered to cover some of that cost. My Band consists of myself, singers, engineers, percussionists, etc…If flying my band was an issue, it should have been discussed with me when the contract was received and before it was signed & sent back to me. My Band members cancelled and missed their own shows due to obligations that we made with @Leon Cordero & The Curry Fest Promoter in addition to other band shows that conflicted with returning to Central Fl before this event. The truth: the only unreasonable persons are the ones trying to slander my reputation and my bands name. Additionally, I was told I would receive a call yesterday to try and resolve the matter, my phone has yet to ring! Rather, I see a post on FB. As professionals, we should be speaking, which I attempted to do yesterday with Leon and Danny….to no avail, which led me to my FB Live. They prefer to correspond via FB and text messages, who sends a text message first thing in the morning saying “things change Boss, we are only bringing you, not the band”? Orlando, while it’s not our fault, I apologize to you as our FAM! To all of you who have been messaging, booking hotels and couldn’t wait to see Neval Chatelal, Sarika Mahabir and KI & The Band, I also apologize on their behalf. But we promise to see you soon. I welcome your comments to let me know if you think this is fair or if we are being unreasonable in any way.”






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