Ki-Neval Wednesday Premiering Carnival Wednesday 2020

Ki-Neval Wednesday Premiering Carnival Wednesday 2020


For quite some time, the Wednesday of Carnival week has been a hard nut to crack.
We have MM, TOTR and Ignite dominating Monday through Thursday, but no event has been able to stick on Wednesday.

Come 2020,however, there’ll be an event on Carnival Wednesday that those involved are confident will become an annual classic.

Randy Glasgow Productions will present, Multi-faceted artistes, KI and Neval Chatelal,
KI-Neval, prounonced, kinavalle.

A mega “fetecert” event featuring the best in chutney soca and more.
This event completes the week prior to Carnival not only for the local Carnival lovers, but those coming
in from abroad, ready to fete nonstop. From ChutneyLand, straight through to last lap including KI-Neval.

While Chatelal is the reigning joint Chutney Soca Monarch, with a huge fan base and new hits in the works, KI continues to dominate the local and international soca and chutney soca arenas.

KI recently released a power soca titled, “High and Low” and his chutney soca contribution “One Thing,
” featuring a video produced by Kearan Khan who has worked with Cardi B and Sean Paul among other big name acts.

KI also has two more tracks to release in the coming weeks and he did an Angostura jingle / video alongside Nailah Blackman.

Chatelal has himself also already released two tracks that are picking up nicely. “Tippy Toe” is a soca featuring Bajan bad boy, Problem Child, while the other song is a chutney soca featuring Dioxx titled, “Tek Uh Horn.”

KI-Neval will see KI and Chatelal performing their respective hits in individual sets, as well as coming together for spectacular duets.

They will also be joined by the top Indo-Trinidadian artistes of the day. Some of the most in demand soca artistes will also be on stage, as well as top dancers and other entertainers.

More information is forthcoming in the day’s ahead.






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