Kishore Wizzy Ramdath Music Producer by Day & Comedian by Night

Kishore Wizzy Ramdath: Music Producer by Day & Comedian by Night


We all know Kishore Wizzy Ramdath for possessing super hero like Keyboard playing skills, the band leader of Avatar (An Indian Crossover Band), Music producer at WIZZ Studios and most recently a new Dad (Welcome to the Club).

Did you know he is quite the Comedian? This seems in contrast to his outward persona of a mild mannered musician but for those who follow him on Facebook, daily he puts out a comedic status, most of which are original.

Let’s take in some of his better ones:

  1. 1.How do you call a fisherman wife? “Ahnet” 2.How do you call a rasta fisherman wife? “Jah
    3. How do you call a man wife that died in a fire? Burnadeath .

  2. The only building in the world without windows are an apple store .

  3. There is a new truck movie coming out soon but unfortunately there’s no trailer.

  4. It’s been proven that KFC now has a secret ingredient that makes their workers have attitude problems and now costumers are turning on each other by fighting. You don’t see this behaviour by a salad bar .

  5. Couple years ago i got sentenced for stealing some potatoes but i ended up winning the case because i Ah Peel it .

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