Kumar Sieunarine

Kumar Sieunarine

The Elements of MrNiceVibes

Kumar Sieunarine aka Mrnicevibes was born on February 17th, 1977 in the vicinity of San Fernando Trinidad and Tobago.He was born in princess town to a musical family and began being close to music at a tender age of 10 years. He learnt to play the dholak and tabla at the Bharatiya Vidya Sansthhaan (BVS) while attending Lengua Islamia TIA Primary School. He then proceeded to attend Cowen Hamilton Secondary School where he pursued Business studies for O Levels. After he completes school,he worked partime,while he furthered his education.

At rgis point in his life his professional musical career began,where he performed at weddings with Orchestras, birthday parties, bazaars, etc. as a percussionist (dholak & tabla) and also being a band roadie (technicians or support staff that work with a band on live gigs). After performing with many orchestras (bands) for a couple years, he then proceeded to get formal training in guitar playing and started taking classes in music theory with Trinity College London at the San Fernando centre. After he completed the third level of music theory successfully (passing all with distinctions) he then proceeded to perform as a guitar player with Bands locally at weddings, clubs, religious ceremonies, etc.

In January 2004 he successfully secured the position as a “Rhythm Guitarist” for the band Karma lead by Anil Bissambhar with frontline singers being Ravi B and Nisha B. He performed both locally and toured internationally with Karma  in places like Suriname, Canada etc.

After spending one year with karma he then successfully secured the position as a “Rhythm Guitarist” for the band Dil E Nadan led by Richard Ramnarine with frontline singers being Raymond, Rennie and Richard Ramnarine. He also performed both locally and internationally with Dil E Nadan in places like Guyana, Suriname, Canada, USA (Washington, Miami, New York, Texas, etc.) He also performed in Europe in places like Holland, Spain, Germany and London England.

In 2010 he started venturing into music production successfully completing Music Production/Sound Engineering courses at the National Energy Skills Center (NESC). Being able to use music DAWS (digital audio work stations) such as Propellerhead Reason, Logic etc. and started dabbling into programs like ableton, etc.

Having spent 10 years with Dil E Nadan he then started to extend the brand MrNiceVibes which actually started in 2013. Since it was challenging to be in a band like Dil E Nadan with a hectic schedule and pursue his own brand at the same time, he relinquished his position professionally with the band but still maintains a close-knit relationship with everyone in the band.

There and then his singing career began professionally, performing at clubs, birthday parties, weddings, etc. performing a wide repertoire of songs pleasing the audience. He also penned lyrics and produced in 2013 a song called “4G woman” sung by Soca Elvis featuring General Grant. His song writing ability didn’t stop there he also penned, produced and sung a song called Bartender Mix it Stronger in 2014 which was well received by the masses.

Amidst having a busy schedule performing at live events he still was inspired to compose a song for the 2018 chutney soca season called “Luv Yuh Dulahin” which led him to the semifinal round of the Chutney Soca Monarch competition.

MrNiceVibes is a registered member of the Copyright Organization of Trinidad Tobago (COTT) and also The National Registry of Artists and Cultural Worker under the Ministry of Community Development of Trinidad and Tobago.

Some of the highlights of his career
Proprietor amd Founder of MrNicevibes Ent. (2013 – present)
Reaching the Semi Final of the 2018 Chutney Soca Monarch Competition.
Performing at the Queen of Holland’s birthday party with Dil E Nadan
In 2017 Performed in Guadalupe for Indian arrival celebrations for dignitaries from the High Commission of India from both France and India and the Government of Guyana.
As a guitar player he performed alongside some of India’s finest playback singers like Kumar Sanu, Zubeen, Ash King, Kamal Khan etc.
As a musician he also backed up some of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest Chutney, Soca & Calyso artiste like Anand & Rakesh Yankaran, Rasika Dindial, Rikki Jai, Hitman, Sonnyman, Shurwayne Winchester, Baron, etc.
Producing a jingle for the Agriculture Development Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (ADB)
Founder and Leader of a band called Timeless. (which no longer exists)

Author- Sangeeta Harrypersad




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