Entanglement: Rick, Vanessa & This Artist

Vanessa & Santeney

Rick Ram exposes love triangle via Facebook:

“So after 3 years when I had put a stop to your afair whit this man & you want to bring me up in court so you can have your freedom, I have all the videos to post, so keep making people think that I was doing you things and saying I was abusive to you , while you was looking for you man πŸ‘€ use your family to make a life for your selfish ways and to run down and find your man 🀣

Live with him for 21 days and want to come back home and think things is ok, while you on video chat everynihght and going and coming like you wish 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

After 3 months it’s time to get you and the love of your life sant and everyone know the pass band member that I fired 3 years ago

Sexy v and sant together now πŸ’£ the bomb just drop

I work to hard for a life an a family to go true this shit and hide it for the 9th time”

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