Fake Profile tries to Frame Radio Dj & Bollywood Cover Singer Together

Man Photoshops Himself Into Pictures With Bollywood Cover Singer Claiming To Be In A Relationship

Aspiring Bollywood Cover Artist Ashley Subah claims to be harassed by a fake profile which has done the following:

Good evening everyone please report this fake profile/this person.. It’s very scary to know that I don’t even know him and he’s claiming to know me & also believes that he’s in a relationship with me. This person has also cropped pictures of me with him. He also reached out to a co-worker of mine to get personal information about me via fb messenger & also created a fake whatsapp account, had conversations with himself making it look like if it was me who was speaking to him. He’s a psychopath. Please be aware.. This is so frightening. Please share this make him popular….

This profile has also stolen images of popular Radio Dj Akeem 5.0. We have informed Akeem of the fake profile. Here is what Akeem had to say

Akeem Response To His Pictures Being Used In The Fake Profile
Akeem Response To His Pictures Being Used In The Fake Profile

Please Report the fake profile here.

Videos of Ashley Singing

What are your thoughts on this matter?

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