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Bhaugji Gyal Peese Massala by Mangroo Badal



Mangroo Badal Bhaugji Gyal Peese Massala


Mangroo Badal – Bhaugji Gyal Peese Massala
0.(Ref) Go ’round, come ’round bhaujī-girl, pīse masālā.(2)
Pīse masālā (grind spices), ajī (bhaujī) pīse masālā.
Go ’round, come ’round Bhaujī-girl, pīse masālā. (2)

1. Your hair is like silver, your body is like gol` (gold).
You face is like an angel, [or (jangal, jungle) (jhanjhat, mess)]
to take away my soul. Ajī pīse masālā. (Ref) (ṛāūī)

2. When you walk in the corner, I will give you a ripe banana.
When (if) you begin to holler, I’ll feed you yanganaa (?).
Ajī pīse masālā. (Refrain)

3. When you go on (the) road, you wear your shirt and pants.
When you see (meet) your saiyā (husband), you take them off
and dance. Ajī pīse masālā. (Refrain)

4. My māmī picked a flower, my māusī got a bābā (child).
If it wasn’t for my chāchī, the family would not see (go wild).
Ajī pīse masālā. (Refrain)

5. Your hands are (so) full of gold, girl, you can’t wash a bowl.
You only have the role, girl, to torment my soul.
Ajī pīse masālā. (Refrain)


Mangroo Badal- Bhaudji gyal peese massala

  1. Song

Written by Ramkabharosa

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