Masala By Neval & Nishard M



Song: Masala, Done By Neval X & Nishard M, Written, Composed, Produced and Sung by Neval Chatelal & Nishard Mayrhoo @ Shard Studios

Guitar: Ravi Persad

Dholak: Ravi Persad

Additional Production: Geiron Mang

Background Vocals: Neval Chatelal & Nishard Mayrhoo

Additional Background Vocals: Geiron Mang & Akshay Bisoon

Mixed and Mastered by Rishi Mahato of Maha Studios

We took our time when crafting this particular masala, making sure to test and try different musical nuances before arriving at the final combination of tastes.

Like many Trinbagonian creations, Masala is a fusion of the cultural flavours of our rich ancestry that will not only tickle but tantalize the entire palette.

We hope that this melange of melodies and rhythms, helps to jump start the journey toward rediscovering the importance of our heritage and traditions and it’s relevance in the music of today.

Simply put, Masala is a musical expression of feeling extremely blessed and grateful to be born in a land where many live as one.


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