Mash 49 By Chandrapaul Nathoo (2019 Chutney)

Chandrapaul Nathoo Mash 49


Mash 49 Is A 2019 Chutney Song Written And Sung By Chandrapaul Nathoo. This Track Was Produced By Bunty Singh In BKVJ Studio.


Celebrate Mash 49 with Victory in Mind,
Rediscover El Dorado We Living with Pride…..
गर्भसेमनाओ माश्रमानि,फिरसेखोजोइल्दोरादो.
“…..garbhsemanaaomashramani, phirsekhojoel dorado…..”
…..OnePeople, One Nation, One Destiny…..We live in Guyana with Peace and Harmony…..

The Amerindians they came from Asia,
They brought the Mattapee as well asCassava……….
It’s from their Culture We celebrating Mash,
United we are, we reaching the Star……….

The Africans came from mighty Africa,
They broughtthe Congo Drum aswell asKalimba……….
They celebrate QweQwe as their Culture,
They play the Congo Drum and dance around Fire……….

The East Indians came from Mother India,
They brought theDholak as well asHarmonia……….
It’s from their Culture we celebrate Phaghua,
We playing the Khartal and signing Chowtal……….



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