Me naa wan poti roko mang Lyrics


Here is a popular song from the Indian diaspora of Suriname sung by Lachman Bhageloe. It is mostly in Sranan Tongo, the lingua franca that is an Englished based creole in Suriname, much like Trinidadian and Guyanese English Creole. Just like these creoles have replaced Hindustani in Trinidad and Guyana, so too it has in the Indo-Surinames folk songs as illustrated here:
Me naa wan poti roko mang; me roko naa Paaranaam.
Awencje a poeri colooku bra pupaya saari mij ko jaam.
I am a hard working man; I work in Paaranaam.
The lady is missing out – I can make her happy.
Aala maadjara doro; planten casaba koro .
(Eh) Bana diri, casaba diri; aala saani diri.
Aala maadjara doro; planten casaba koro
The situation here is; we are planting cassava and cabbage.
Banana (Plantain) is expensive, cassava is expensive; everything is expensive.
Mahraadj (Mahaaraaj) tell Mahradjin, say; he kill wan (one) two goat.
Mahradjin had di fork (or fire), she flung (fire) it near Mahraadj ki throat
Mahraadj tell Mahradjin, say (saying); he sing wan (one) two chautaal.
Mahradjin had di (the) fork (or fire), she knock Mahraadj wan (one) dhandtaal.
Soepi mang, paanta mang; dja sa (so a) de.
Fisi (Feesi) mang, obejah mang; dja sa de.
Modo mang, prodo (proedo) mang; dja sa de.
Waaka mang, boro (boero) mang; dja sa de.
Godo (Goedo) mang, poti mang; dja..a sa..a de.
Dimi konai mopo doro; dandishi waa bigi doro.
Tem opa doro do dasa mefaiya wishi he hipi koro.
Rum-drinking man, good-looking man; they are here.
Fish-man, witch-doctor man; they are here.
Modern man, fashionable man; they are here.
Rich-man, poor-man; they all are here.
When I came in front of your door and opened it,
I saw a whole big bunch of cabbage.
(Eh) Elena, come look me na Paaranaam; Da mit wa moedo mang.
I ask da moedo mang if he fell over the courtyard of Paaranaam.
See me cry for Paaranaam, him put not namo pa doro.
Dammit da modo man buy a kid nam a paka doro.
Den me ask Elena, “Elena, me kud do so wid a place.”
Elena had to go back to sleep at he place.

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