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Biography of Moses Charles

Singer/entertainer Moses Charles was Born In Mandingo Road, Indian Walk Princes Town… As a child he would frequently go to the Comuto Barrackpore District with his father to plant rice and cane.It was there that he developed a likeness and a gravitational pull towards the Indian culture.Moses attended Princes Town Junior and Senior Secondary school.

One day while at home , sitting in a cepep shed,singing “Rajin Jheem Jheem Jhoom” he was told by some guys sitting beside him that he could not be a Chutney Soca singer since he was of African decent.Moses however believed otherwise and started training his voice to sound like an East Indian and started looking at all the Bollywood movies that were released,movies such as “Dil ka Rishta, Andaaz, Zinda Dil, Raja Hindustani, Chalte Chalte just to name a few.His favourite musical instrument is the dholak and his favourite singer is Udit Narine and Krishna Das.Moses also studied Christianity, Islam and Hinduism on the more Esotheric side.He also enjoys golfing when he has free time.

Furthermore the first song Moses ever sang was when he was in high school,form 4.He sang a cover track entitled “Jab kisi ki Taraf Dil”.The very next year while still in hight school in form 5,he won ‘Mr Princes Town’by singing”RajinJheemJheemJhoom”.
Moses further went on to perform in the ‘Arima Youth Fest’ and ‘Arima Borough Day 2005’.It was at that very moment he got the inspiration to write his own song/lyrics. His went on to write the lyrics of his first song “Wine Bhouji” which was professionally recorded and produced in 2006 by Rishi Gayadeen.

This was just the beginning for Moses.In 2007 he was chosen to compete in Chutney Soca Monarch semi finals. It was here he was determined to continue to reach for the stars. In 2008 Moses then Sang Dularie Dularie , and Ah Want to see yuh nanie. In 2009 Moses again entered Chutney Soca Monarch where he sang ‘Blame It On Meh Curry”, again he reached semi finals.He recorded this song by the talented Kevin Khan, the son Of his Favourite singer now deceased Nazimool Khan.

Moses told us that,“On the night of 2009 Chutney Soca Finals I was there in skinners park. I went back stage without a backstage pass just to see Kenneth Salick. When he finished delivering his song “Radica”,I was the first person he walked into, I told him he would win tonight and I also told him that next year I wanted to be like him.” Later that year while going to University I was in situation that inspired me to write the”Indrani”,which became a hit.

For the third time he entered the Chutney Soca Finals in 2010 where finally he made it to the Grand Finals where he was placed 3rd.This time around his favourite food seems to be “curry” with his 2020 rendition. Dulahin Curry is a song that produced by Rishi Mahato.and has been hitting the airwaves.

From then to now Moses have worked for a company called PCS Nitrogen,opened his own Business , travelled to many countries performing and sharing his music and recently was on a spiritual journey to find himself on a deeper level. Moses continues to follow his dreams as a singer. Look out for bigger and better things from Moses Charles.

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