My Gyal by Raul D


Chutney Soca 2020 song entitled My Gyal was Written by: Rich Persad, Raul Deoram, Dylan Bisnauth, Kris “KI” Persad & Neval Chatelal
Produced by: Rich Persad, Raul Deoram & Dylan Bisnauth (Kingdom Sound), Dholak: Dylan Bisnauth, Mixed by: Rich Persad (Kingdom Sound).
Mastered by: Madmen Productions


Oh Woah Oh..
Raul D, Lil Breeze!


My gyal she gone and leave meh
I doh know where she come out from and do meh that
And how she tryna test me
I never do she wrong, I wouldn’t do that

Pre Chorus

We dey already
We linking steady
And once we have each-other we go be okay
So pull up on me
And I’ll be ready
So lewwe wine and cham-cham-chamke

Oh mere larki
You saying that you love me
And listening to everything that anybody say
Oh woah-oh come nah baby
You know you send me crazy
But I don’t really care what anybody have to say

Post Chorus
Oh Woah…

Verse 2
This loving was a blessing
I don’t know where you come out from and do meh that
And now you have me stressing
I never do yuh wrong, I wouldn’t do dat

Pre Chorus
Post Chorus
Pre Chorus
Post Chorus



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