Natalyah Wohler

Natalyah Wohler


For several years now Natalyah has been extensively involved in the music scene in Trinidad, the country where she was born. Soca, Chutney, Carnival and Bacchanal run through her blood and have left an indelible imprint in her heart – the real drivers of her skyrocketing musical development. Having grown up in Switzerland and studied music in the UK Natalyah has been performing as a full-time artist mainly in Switzerland but also in Trinidad and internationally. She is now mixing her musical dreams and desires with input from Trinidadian songwriters in a Trini Pot of Soca Pop fired, inspired and brought to a boiling culmination by the best producers Switzerland has to offer. Add a live Calypso brass section and guitars, live Pan recorded in Trinidad and the Magic Recipe is complete!

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