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NCFTT pioneers Intellectual Chutney Music


The National Chutney Foundation of T&T (NCFTT) is requesting you to please view and listen to our new Category of the Chutney artform is called “Intellectual Chutney” the attached 12 songs have been launched this year during the Arrival Day celebration on 30th May 2020 as samples of the future of the artform. The foundation have also been producing the Junior / Schools level for years now. As Executive Producer of the 2020 “Intellectual Chutney” production your comments on our YouTube (chutney foundation) and Facebook page ( national chutney foundation of Trinidad and Tobago) would be welcomed and by sharing and liking the artform would be developed and respected for the quality and lyrical content . Thank you and may God be with you.

Dr Vijay Ramlal Rai (NCFTT)
Founder / Developer

Aaron Duncan - Never Let You Go (2020 Intellectual Chutney)

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